Not Twittering One's Life Away

What's the antonym of "early adopter" in the world of technology?

Search Google and you won't find an answer. The illustration to the right suggests "laggard" and I've also heard the term "Luddite" bandied about.While I'm not a complete Luddite, I certainly fit the category of "laggard." I like seeing how the technology will work out before I shell out dollars to buy the latest. I grew up in the age of Edsels, reel to reel tape recorders, and IBM Selectric. And where are those products now?As for microwaves, by the time I bought one, most people were already on their second or third models.I wanted to make very sure I wasn't nuking my family's brains along with mac and cheese.

Leslie has been relentless in her drive to move me along the curve from "laggard" to "late majority" especially when it comes to i phones and androids. (I think those are interchangeable). I continue to resist. After all, I lived without an android phone for 65+ years without sustaining any great hardships—except that Leslie can't reach me all the time. I thought I became technologically savvy when I received my used Nokia from my son.I find it a terrific conversation starter.

As I began to give book talks without Leslie at my side, I was forced to learn how to create a slideshow and hook up my computer to a projector. It made me realize I can do more than use a computer as a fancy typewriter if I have to.

Deciding to have not just one but two websites has thrown me headfirst into a technology morass.With this website,, I was proud once I learned how to write a blog, upload an image and play around with the calendar.For my second website,, I have created a three page cheat sheet to remind me of all the details about uploading material.My patient web designer has been holding my hand from Israel (she has a long reach) and gently leading me onwards into the world of the back end of a website. Facebook still eludes me and that will probably be my next frontier.By the time I have figured out how to use Facebook, it will probably be obsolete.

The technology that never appealed to me was Twitter. Why would someone "follow" a celebrity? What can one say in 140 characters? Is there even a chance I could be pithy enough to write a message that short? Writing means reflection and editing. As I listen to NPR, I hear that tweeting is on the wane. Another fly by night technology.

I am not pining for the days of Kodachrome and endless trips to the library for research, but I will hold fast to my attitude, if I need the technology, I'll figure it out. For now, I'd rather take a walk outdoors at the lake and gaze at real clouds or hang out with my grandchildren close enough for hugs than keep up with the 21st century. I'll get there when I need to.  Time to figure out my iPhone 7.

Note from Leslie:  Meryll, my dear laggard sister, you are entirely correct.  You really needs a smart phone now.  The world is waiting to text you, and you need to be able to access your emails right away.  Phone calls are so old school!